travi ML: Ground support equipment close at hand and safely tucked away

Clever idea combined with German quality craftsmanship and innovative technology. With the hand-guided apron trolley travi ML everything is in its place and facilitates safe apron handling. All required materials such as chocks and traffic cones are close at hand.


The ground support equipment for apron handling at airports and airfields finally finds a fixed place on the travi ML hand-guided apron trolley. Chocks, traffic cones, barrier tapes and FOD containers are always close at hand and quickly tucked away after use and thus ready for the next usage.

Thought out design and robust quality

In everyday use, the travi ML apron trolley combines a clever idea with proven German quality craftsmanship and reliable technology. More than 25 years of experience in the development of special equipment also characterize the robust and field-tested travi ML.

Innovative braking technology ensures safe handling

A decisive advantage of the travi ML apron trolley is the purely mechanical and maintenance-free brake. The brake has been tested specifically for use on the apron and, justifiably, no wearing parts such as springs or gas pressure are used.

Especially at different temperatures in all-weather use on the apron, this design has clear benefits: springs can tear out or wear out in the long run, gas pressure can be different depending on the temperature and must then be readjusted.


travi ML: Compact, handy and resilient!

With a length of only 1.33 meters, the travi ML is compact and handy for daily employment on the apron. Robustly designed, the travi ML itself weighs only 120 kilogram, but with a payload of 150 kilogram it can take plenty of ground support equipment. Castors and the height-adjustable handle with brake nevertheless ensure optimum mobility on the apron even in one-man operation.

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Additional information

serial number


construction year


dimension (l x w x h)

1.330 x 890 x 1.160 mm

net weight

120 kg

maximum authorized mass

270 kg


150 kg


< 3,6 km / h

wind speed

< 40 kn


Intended use

The apron trolley is built for storing apron equipment such as chocks, traffic cones and a ladder. The trolley is part of the scope of aviation ground equipment as defined in DIN EN 1915-1 to 2. These European standards set out the technical requirements for aviation ground equipment to reduce hazards that may occur during commissioning, operation and maintenance when carried out in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer or the authorized representative, including misuse reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer.

It also takes into account some functional and design requirements considered essential by official organizations, GSE manufacturers as well as airlines and registration agencies.


The place of storage of the manual must be known to all persons handling the apron trolley. They must have access to the manuals at any time.

Before working, the persons engaged must have read and understood the manuals.

The apron trolley may only be operated in a functional condition. In the event of damages, the apron trolley must be disabled. The apron trolley may only be parked on horizontal planes.

Personnel qualification

The installation, operation and maintenance of the apron trolley require briefing. An instructed person shall be deemed to have been adequately informed and trained of the tasks assigned to him or her and of the possible hazards of improper conduct. An instructed person knows the necessary protections, relevant provisions and accident prevention regulations, is informed about the operating conditions and has proven his or her competence.


Flyer – travi: Compact, handy and resilient!