travi XL: More space for ground support equipment!

Even more space for chocks & Co: The travi XL provides space for ladder, FOD containers and chocks of all sizes. Thanks to the sophisticated undercarriage and innovative braking technology, the travi always offers perfect and easy handling, is easy to steer and stable even in unfavorable circumstances.


The travi XL hand-guided apron trolley offers even more space for ground support equipment on the apron. Nevertheless, the travi XL is easy to handle and, like the smaller travi ML, designed for one-man operation. The sophisticated undercarriage and the innovative braking technology make it possible! Chocks, traffic cones, barrier tapes and FOD containers are always where they are needed on the apron.

Stable undercarriage and innovative braking technology

Like the travi ML, the travi XL apron trolley is equipped with an innovative, purely mechanical and maintenance-free brake. Without wearing parts such as springs, which can wear out, or temperature-sensitive gas pressure, the brake always works safely and reliably even in hard all-weather use on the apron.

From the practical test to everyday practice!

The apron trolley was developed from the beginning under purely practically orientated conditions. What is needed on the apron and how can work processes be made safer and faster? The travi XL is the result of our field tests and combines proven German quality craftsmanship, reliable technology and our more than 25 years of experience in the development of special equipment in a clever idea.

travi XL: Resilient, easy to handle!

With a length of 1.55 meters, the travi XL offers plenty of optimally organized storage space for ground support equipment. A total payload of 172 kilogram is possible – and yet robust, smooth-running castors and a height-adjustable handle with brake ensure easy handling and high mobility in one-man operation on the apron.


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Additional information

serial number


construction year


dimension (l x w x h)

1.550 x 890 x 1.160 mm

net weight

128 kg

maximum authorized mass

300 kg


172 kg


< 3,6 km / h

wind speed

< 40 kn


Intended use

The apron trolley is built for storing apron equipment such as chocks, traffic cones and a ladder. The trolley is part of the scope of aviation ground equipment as defined in DIN EN 1915-1 to 2. These European standards set out the technical requirements for aviation ground equipment to reduce hazards that may occur during commissioning, operation and maintenance when carried out in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer or the authorized representative, including misuse reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer.

It also takes into account some functional and design requirements considered essential by official organizations, GSE manufacturers as well as airlines and registration agencies.


The place of storage of the manual must be known to all persons handling the apron trolley. They must have access to the manuals at any time.

Before working, the persons engaged must have read and understood the manuals.

The apron trolley may only be operated in a functional condition. In the event of damages, the apron trolley must be disabled. The apron trolley may only be parked on horizontal planes.

Personnel qualification

The installation, operation and maintenance of the apron trolley require briefing. An instructed person shall be deemed to have been adequately informed and trained of the tasks assigned to him or her and of the possible hazards of improper conduct. An instructed person knows the necessary protections, relevant provisions and accident prevention regulations, is informed about the operating conditions and has proven his or her competence.


Flyer – travi: Compact, handy and resilient!