traviStop Vario

traviStop – the standing disinfection dispenser made of stainless steel.
The disinfection dispenser, specially developed for external use, ensures the implementation of important hygiene measures in public spaces.


The high-quality disinfectant dispensers are weatherproof and mounted on the floor. Anti-theft screws provide protection against vandalism and theft. With our innovative vault principle, dispenser bottles and pumps are stored inside high-quality stainless steel columns. Thus, the disinfectant is protected against external influences.

The system can be equipped with the common 1,000 milliliters dispenser bottles, depending on the model, the capacity is up to 25 liters. To replace the dispenser bottles, a user-friendly service opening is installed, which is secured with a triangular key to prevent unwanted access.

traviStop, your disinfection dispenser for outdoors:
1. 25 liters tank possible
2. protection against overheating (effectiveness and ignition)
3. protection against vandalism and theft
4. weatherproof